Etc by etcetera is a brand born in the heart of Paris, with a multicultural soul and an adventure’s soul. We have a Mediterranean manufacture based in Spain.

Our brand is based on shirts and sweatshirts for urban youth people.

Etc by etcetera is inspired by 90’s lifestyle, which re ects an informal and naïf style in our designs.

Etc by etcetera offers a limited edition collection with exclusive embroidered artwork created for each
season. Our brand blends design with the simplicity of a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

We propose a fun brand to people with sense of humor who’s looking for a simple and creative style.

The quality and design are important to us. We use 100% organic cottons and the best embroidery threads that exist in the market.

Etc by etcetera works in collaboration with Fair Wear Foundation, to improve working conditions in the textile sector.