Atias Huynh & ETC

Two years ago, Etc by Etcetera was born and with it, the objective of create a fashion brand that goes beyond the simple offer of a T-shirt and sweatshirt collection. Etc by etcetera has since the beginning the important presence of the environment and the sustainability, supporting the production in Europe and in the principal cotton producer areas. Following this principles, ETC by etcetera aim is to collaborate with artist who share the same ethic values and help each other to project our art in a positive and eco-friendly way.
With this in mind, I reach the influencer, photograph and model Alessandra Huynh, whose exotic beauty half italian, half vietnamese, shocks the world as well as her messages of women empowerment. In her looks, she likes to bring back the 90’s streetstyle while through their New Faces photographical works share her fashion vision. This fresh and authentic air has worthed her more than 26k followers in her instagran @atiashuynh.

This reasons have led me to reach her and share my project, which she quickly joined with enthusiasm. With her and my photograph partners Adolfo Granado @adolfo_granado and Borja Ortuzar @fragilfilms, we prepared a shooting session with our 90’s style along different corners of the Le Marais neighbourhood (Paris). The final result was not only a declaration of intentions for the brand, but also highlighting Alessandra’s personality. I hope you like it as much as we do!

Here you can see  our fresh streetfashion video with Atias Huynh!

Esperanza Terán
Artistic director at Etc by etcetera

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