Dan Duchateau & ETC

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Several month ago, I was invited to a Vernissage (Exposition Opening) in Paris, where the french Tricking group called L’envolée did an awesome performance and left me astounded. They shows usually a mix martial arts with parkour and dance, that are linked by high-intensity dance fights with a really urban style.

From this experience I had the opportunity to colaborate with one of their members, Dan Duchateau, with who we prepared a shooting session and an amazing video directed by Borja Ortuzar.

In this video yo can see how ETC by Etcetera and the urban dance joined to create streetstyle synergies with lots of attitude and movement! Also mention that in our T-Shirt design of “Don’t hurt me, Baby”, Dan had an important role of this unique piece.

If you also more information of the group where Dan performs, here is their instagram @lenvolee.

Esperanza Terán
Artistic Director at Etc by etcetera

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