What does etc by etcetera mean?

ETC by Etcetera is here to remind you that life is made up of little pleasures and that sometimes even the most simple things are the most beautiful. Like walking down the street at golden hour, knowing you made the right choice wearing that T-shirt or drinking coffee with your friends because picking the right cafe is like choosing the perfect outfit. Wearing our clothes means enjoying life, because every unique moment is made to be cherished.

This brand embodies a journey across borders from Spain to France and beyond. Based in Paris, ETC by Etcetera is the coming together of different cultures to embrace a fresh, empowering and exciting perspective on life. We created a line of designs which combine the Spanish tailoring know how to the french touch . If Paris is a way of life then ETC by Etcetera is the way you choose to live it.
Our shirts are produced in a family run factory in the center of Barcelona. Every T-shirt and sweater is embroidered one at a time. Each garment is made in organic cotton in collaboration with the Fair Wear Foundation NGO which supports fair working conditions in the fashion world.

ETC by Etcetera is a street wear brand which spurs from the fusion of style, people and opinions. This is why it is important for us to respect the limited resources that the planet provides us in the best possible way in order to continue to enjoy and be inspired by what surrounds us.

The brand, which is inspired by 90s casual street style, is a collection of minimal designs which capture the mood of today’s generation. We want you to feel empowered because you ́re not just wearing a shirt you ́re wearing a message. Life demands to be felt, owned and lived to its fullest. Welcome to ETC by Etcetera: continue wearing your own story…