Our Story

ETC by Etcetera is not only a fashion brand, but also a whole way of feeling and living fashion with minimalistic designs which transmits the strength, the identity and the values of the new streetwear generations.

ETC is created in the heart of Paris in 2017, through the illustrations of the Spanish designer Esperanza Terán. With them, she is achieving her objective of communicate her vision on a sustainable, young and street fashion using uncomplicated designs, fulled of creativity.

She wanted to use the roots of the street style that blossom in the 90’s, as an inspiration for the informal and vindicating spirit, converting them to the present with current topics. With them, Esperanza builds a story that continues to evolve collection after collection, but always keeping the naïf and casual touch of the beginning.

Using the classical white T-shirt as its flagship, ETC by Etcetera also propose to go further in the fashion sustainability path, highlighting its bet for the quality.

For this reason, our T-shirts are made with 100% ecological cotton and handmade embroidery. Moreover, with the supplying of this fabrics, etc by etcetera contributes to the NGO Fair Wair Foundation, to help them continue their efforts to improve labour conditions in this sector, making the most of its impact in the industry.